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SmartSign India Annual Party 2014

Who we are?

SmartSign Designs India Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary and core-competency provider of US based company SmartSign Designs India has been operating in the heritage city, Jaipur as the global software solution hub for Xpressmyself and its allied group of companies since 2007. The company started with just 3 employees but has now grown to over 55 employees.

What we do?

SmartSign is an undisputed online retailer of B2B and some B2C products-- including tags, mats, signs, labels, tapes, stamps and other personalized and stock printed products. With its global headquarter in Brooklyn, NY, SmartSign India supports its parent company in areas of software development, artwork creation, search engine marketing, and product management.

Our people

Any smart company (and we like to call ourselves one) knows that its success lies in its people. That is why we employ smart, talented, and self-driven individuals that work together as a team. Our team includes a mélange of experience and energy. Where we have people with many years of life and work experience on them, we also have a huge Gen Y talent pool that run the show with their senior counterparts.

What we believe in?

Happy employee means higher productivity. The annual growth of our company shows just how productive and happy we are! We believe great things happen when thinking minds are put together and work in sync to achieve goals. And that a big problem can be solved easily when broken in small parts.